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We use industry standard equipment which looks and sounds great. Our equipment is PAT tested and we have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance as is often required by venues.

Wedding DJ Booth

The Booth

One thing we found when attending weddings over the years is that couples would spend a lot of time, money and effort to ensure that their venue looks the part, however we would often see a DJ rock up with a setup more suited to a Labour club than a wedding venue. When searching for a DJ booth we found that most retailers don't really provide a setup suitable for a wedding venue which is why we decided to build our own!

Our DJ booth is a one of a kind handmade rustic structure which provides that 'Wow factor' and looks great in venues from cosy country barns to lavish city halls. Attached to the booth are various styles of lights complete with a rotating mirror ball which helps create a great atmosphere, especially for the first dance! One of our eye-catching neon signs fixed to the front of the booth completes the look, and we can also add some foliage as displayed in the photo above. Our setup can be adapted to suit your needs so if you'd like something a little different then do let us know.

The Sound

We use two active PA speakers which deliver a powerful, crisp and clear sound. Our speakers run into a mixing desk which is hooked up to our laptop and DJ controller which is used for mixing your tunes.


We have several lights which are fixed above our DJ booth. We have rotating head lights which project around the room, special effects lights with various colours and settings, and spot lights pointing towards our mirror ball which projects hundreds of small light reflections around the room. We use a haze machine which really helps to enhance the lighting and creates the perfect atmosphere for the dancefloor. For the first dance we would typically use colour wash lights which slowly move across the dancefloor then once the party gets going we start to introduce our special effects lighting. If you have any specific lighting preferences then let us know and we can adapt our setup as required!

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