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DJ Services

Weddings are what we know and love however we also cater for private and corporate parties for pretty much any sort of celebration you can think of. Here's what you can expect when booking with Rock 'n' Soul Events:

Let's Dance neon sign

Great sound and lighting

We have state of the art sound and lighting systems, complete with a fog machine which all work together to create the perfect atmosphere to dance the night away. Our DJ booth is unique and enhances the look of any wedding venue.

DJs who know what they're doing

We have over 10 years of DJing experience covering weddings, busy nightclubs and music festivals. We have a vast musical knowledge, solid technical skills, and a great crowd reading ability. Armed with your favourite music, we'll make sure that you, your friends and your family remember your wedding as one of the best they've been to. We are always friendly, smartly dressed, professional and are intimately familiar with the day’s proceedings.

Preparation is key

DJing at a wedding isn't just a case of turning up and playing a generic playlist to a room of people. We work closely with yourselves to get a good feel of the music that is special to you. We put a lot of thought and time into preparing your music, building a playlist around your requests, whilst ensuring that we read the dancefloor to drop songs at the right time. For example, if you have requested an album track from Jesus & The Mary Chain then it is unlikely to be well received when Grandma has just been dancing to The Supremes and Stevie Wonder!


We ensure that all of the important announcements are covered on the night. These can include the cutting of the cake, first dance, bouquet toss, opening of the buffet, last orders, last dance etc. If there are any special announcements that you would like included then we will include those as well. As we mentioned in our 'About' section, we're not cheesy DJs who talk over songs or tell jokes throughout the night.

Setup & pack down

We ensure that we take time to setup our equipment carefully and safely as well as packing everything down and loading back into the van at the end of the night, leaving the venue is the same state in which we found it. We ensure that we are discreet in our setup as not to disrupt any ongoing events of the day.



The agreed fee covers our travel to and from the venue.

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